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Every contribution, whether monetarily or physically is greatly appreciated.

What We Do

Our Community stands together to help each other out during our troubling times.

We understand that many of our new members might feel alone but we are here to show you that you are in fact not alone.

Through love and support, we will help you become whole again so that you can, in turn, repay the favor to a fellow soldier who is just coming in.

Our Mission

Our mission, our duty is to honor to the human beings that have made sacrifices for the greater good, and now feel left behind and alone to carry the weight of the world. By compassionately and loyally bringing us together in a way that respects the personal courage we have shown in facing our fears, so that we may realize that we are not alone. And together, feel whole again.

Get Involved.

Take the time to reach out. We are building a community to stand up for those service members who need a community to remind them of their true value and potential. Join our Facebook Community to see how you can get involved today.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

609 Sleeping Meadow LN Bethlehem, GA 30620

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